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Photofacefun is an online service that allows you to create funny and stunning photos by applying effects to surprise your contacts.

Photofacefun offers 3 ways to customize your photos, although the most wanted one is Avatar for Facebook.

Avatar for Facebook gives you a huge catalog of images where you can insert your photo. By that way you'll include wolverine, Spongebob, racing car, babes, logos, etc in your photo easily and for free.

You can also set your photo as if it were in a museum, create aphoto where Robert Pattinson is kissing you or place your photo in the advertising panels of Times Square using the option Photo effects.

The third one is Photo Frame, that one will let you choose a beautiful frame for your photos.

Best of all is that it's extremely easy to use and totally free. You only have to choose the effect in the catalogue and the photo you want to insert, that's all. Then, download it as JPG or share it via Facebook, Twitter or any other social network.
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